English 115 Ashby

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Class Schedule

English 115
Section: 65
Instructor: Swan Ashby
Room: 412
Hours: 8-9:15 T Th
Lab Room: 423
Lab Hours: T 7-7:50 pm
Office Hours: T,6:30-6:50, Th, 6:30-7:30
Office Location: Rm. 400K
Mailbox location: 430J
Email: sashby@swccd.edu

Class Schedule

Week 1
1/18: Introduction, discuss syllabus, writing process,
HW: Read Patterns 1-49, 83-105, create 10-minute freewrite for narration essay (at least one page)
Journal Assignment: “Journal Entry” p, 106 in Patterns

Week 2
1/23: Discuss narration essay –topics (p. 140-141), chronological order, introduction, thesis statements; writing process
LAB: MLA template
HW: Write introduction, thesis, and three body paragraphs for narration essay; read Patterns 108- 118, Rules for Writers 11-14

1/25: Quiz on writing process, begin narration essay; discuss transitions, paragraph division
HW: Read Patterns 51-67,

Journal Assignment: Exercise 1, p. 41 in Patterns

Week 3
1/30: Continue narration essay, writing process
HW: Read Patterns 120-123, 134-139 Rules for Writers 15-22, Writing Assignment 2, p. 124 in Patterns

2/1: Continue narration, workshop, quiz on readings, discuss Gansberg, Alexie
HW: Read Patterns 387-395
Journal Assignment: p. 139 Patterns, “Journal Entry”

Week 4:

2/6: Begin Comparison Contrast; discuss topics (p. 449), points of comparison, structure, point-by-point, block format
LAB: Rules for Writers Exercises 19-1, 19-2, p. 162-164
HW: Read Patterns 396-418, Rules for Writers 156-163, Writing Workshop (419 Patterns) choose 1, 2, or 3

2/8: Narration essay due; continue comparison contrast, quiz on readings, discuss readings
HW: Read Rules for Writers 164-170

Journal Assignment: Patterns p. 413 “Journal Entry”

Week 5:

2/13: Discuss run-on sentences, continue comparison contrast
HW: Read Patterns 421-422
LAB: Rules for Writers Exercise 20-1; work on Comparison/Contrast essay
2/15: Quiz on readings, discuss readings, workshop
HW: Read Patterns 425-431, Writing Workshop 1, 2, or 3 p. 433, Read Rules for Writers 97-105
Journal Assignment: p. 424 Patterns “Journal Entry”

Week 6:
2/20: Comparison Contrast essay due, begin Exemplification (topics p. 265), discuss mixed constructions
LAB: Rules for Writers Exercises 11-1, p100-101, 12-1, p 105
HW: Read Patterns 203-219; choose topic and conduct listing prewriting activity. List as many possible supporting examples to your topic as you can come up with (at least one page double spaced).

2/22: Discuss thesis statements, how exemplification used, planning, structure of exemp. essay
HW: Read Patterns 220-229, Rules for Writers 106-111 p. 230 Patterns, Writing Workshop 1, 2, or 3; choose organization for exemplification essay and create informal outline and thesis
Journal Assignment: p. 226 Patterns, “Journal Entry”

Week 7
2/27: Quiz on readings, discuss readings, dangling modifiers
LAB: Begin drafting Exemplification essay, Rules for Writers Exercises 12-2, p 109, 13-1, p 111
HW: Read Patterns 231-237; continue drafting Exemplification essay—have at least introduction, thesis, and three body paragraphs for 3/1 workshop

3/1: Quiz on readings, discuss readings, workshop (ques. On p. 209 “Revision Checklist”)
HW: Read Patterns 240-249, Rules for Writers 112-115, Writing Workshop 1, 2, or 3 p. 245 Patterns; finish drafting Exemplification essay—need full draft for 3/6

Journal Assignment: p 250 Patterns “Journal Entry”

Week 8
3/6: Workshop (ques. On p. 216-217 “Peer Editing Worksheet”), discuss verb tense
LAB: Work on exemplification essay, Rules for Writers Exercise 13-2, p112
HW: Read Patterns 252-259; p. 260-261 Patterns Writing Workshop 1, 2, or 3
3/8: Quiz on readings, discuss readings
HW: Read Patterns 262-264; proofread and edit Exemplification essay
Journal Assignment: p. 264 Patterns “Journal Entry”

Week 9
3/13: Exemplification Essay Due, Mid Term Exam
LAB: Mid Term
HW: Read Patterns 327-345; choose topic for cause and effect (topics p. 385-386) and create cluster

3/15: Journals Due; discuss cause and effect, planning, structure
HW: Read Patterns 346-348, Rules for Writers 116-127; choose organization for cause and effect and create thesis and informal outline.
No Journal Assignment

Week 10
3/20: Discuss post hoc reasoning, transitions, subordination
LAB: Begin drafting cause and effect, Rules for Writers Exercises 14-1, p. 121, 14-3, p. 125
HW: Read Patterns 351-358, p. 360 Patterns Writing Workshop. 1,2 or 3

3/22: Quiz on readings, discuss readings,
HW: Read Rules for Writers 135-144; continue drafting cause and effect—you need at least introduction, thesis, and three body paragraphs for 3/27
Journal Assignment: p. 349 Patterns, “Journal Entry”

Week 11
3/27: Workshop (ques on p. 336-337 “Revision Checklist”), discuss euphemism, slang, sexist language
LAB: Work on cause and effect, Rules for Writers Exercise 17-2, p. 145;
HW: Read Patterns 361-384, p. 365 Patterns, Writing Workshop 1, 2, or 3; finish drafting cause and effect—need FULL draft for 3/29

3/29: Workshop (ques on p. 342-343 “Peer Editing Worksheet”), quiz on readings, discuss readings
HW: Proofread and edit Cause and Effect Essay, Read Patterns
Journal Assignment: p. 369 Patterns “Journal Entry”

HW: Read Patterns 555-567

Week 13

4/10: Cause and Effect Essay Due; discuss argumentation and research (topics p. 697-701)
LAB: Begin research in library catalog and article databases online
HW: Read Patterns 568-587, 753-763, p 589 Patterns Writing Workshop 1, 2 or 3, Rules for Writers 370-380; choose topic for R/A essay

4/12: Continue argumentation and research; discuss search strategy
HW: Read Rules for Writers 344-367

Journal Assignment: p. 583 Patterns “Journal Entry”

Week 14
4/17: Discuss plagiarism, documentation of sources, final project
LAB: Continue research, Rules for Writers Exercise 47-1, p. 367-368
HW: Read Patterns 597-610, p. 610-611 Patterns, Purpose and Audience 1-4, Style and Structure 1-7

4/19: Plagiarism quiz, continue argumentation and research
HW: Read Patterns 613-620, create a working Works Cited page for your research/arg. essay. You must have FIVE entries in MLA format

Journal Assignment: p. 611 Patterns, Vocabulary project

Week 15
4/24: Continue Research and Argumentation

LAB: Evaluating sources: find one journal article, one book, and one internet article on your research topic. Create a Works Cited for each of these in MLA format. You may substitute the internet article, book or journal article for a newspaper article, but you may not have more than one Internet source.
HW: Read Patterns 763-784, Rules for Writers 381-391, begin drafting R/A essay

4/26: Continue research and argumentation
HW: Read Rules for Writers 392-407, continue drafting R/A essay—you need at least introduction, thesis, and four full body paragraphs for 5/1
Journal Assignment: p. Write one page discussing your role in the desired outcomes of your group project. What will you personally do to achieve these goals? What obstacle/s to these goals do you anticipate confronting and overcoming?

Week 16
5/1: Workshop, continue research and argumentation, begin presentations
LAB: In MLA format, write an example of a paraphrase, a summary, and a direct quote from a journal article, a newspaper article, and an internet article, in no particular order. Cut and paste the original source material onto the document you turn in. These sources do not necessarily have to be related to your research topic. Make sure you introduce each entry with a signal phrase and follow each quote/summary with an in-text citation.
HW: Read Patterns 623-632, Writing Workshop 1, 2, or 3 p. 633-634

5/3: Quiz on readings, discuss readings, continue research and argumentation, presentations
HW: Read Rules for Writers 408-418, continue drafting R/A essay—You need at least three pages for 5/8.
Journal Assignment: Write one page on how your writing has changed throughout the semester. Do you still need to improve in some areas? What is one thing you do well when it comes to writing?

Week 17
5/8: Workshop, final project presentations
LAB: Work on Research/Argumentation essay
HW: Read Patterns 635-647, finish drafting R/A essays

5/10: Workshop, final project presentations

Week 18
5/15: Journals Due, final project presentations
LAB: Final proofread and edit of R/A essays
HW: Final revision of R/A essays

5/17: Research/Argumentation Essays Due, final project presentations
LAB: Final Proofread/edit of research/argumentation essays

Final Exam:

*All scheduled tasks are subject to change


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